Nooshafarin is the Iranian Diva and been in Music World for many years since Teen years from Iran time, She has giving us many great years of music and memories for the last thirty and some years.

Her many great hits  like Salam, Shabe to Shabeh Maneh ,Gol Aftab Ghardoon , and many many more songs that makes  these concerts great for fans to be part of. 

We have planned a great event in Scottsdale / Arizona  to enjoy.

This event is an Banquet style with dinner and soft drink with your tickets ,

Tickets starts at $45.00  /  $55.00  / $65.00  /  $75.00   VIP $100.00 by stage  $100.00  include  Furits / Soft drinks  and Desserts .

For more information   (818) 488-4314 or


Scottsdale Arts : 7380 East Second St. Scottsdale , Arizona


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